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Call for a free consultation and repair your bad credit and increase your credit score.

Call for a free consultation on how we can repair your bad credit.
It is easy yet does take some time repair The credit...  @THECREDITDOCTOR we are upfront and we do not make any false claims that we cannot keep. Many of our competitors promise fast results within weeks when we will work with you till we get you the results we have discussed with our FREE consultation.  And this is all prior to any commitment you make to us.

How we differ from the rest is we assess The situation and prescribe a tailored credit restoration plan unique to each individualís situation. 

We work with The credit card companies, lenders, and debtors to delete or satisfy any negative items and can also delete inquiries which affect The credit scores negatively.
Your Credit Doctor repairs your credit and lowers your bad credit score increases your credit score.
Increase your credit score dramatically.

We also consolidate The debts into one lower payment per month to make life a lot easier and to save you thousands of dollars for The future.

It does not hurt to call us today and see how The Credit Doctor can put you back on the path to financial freedom.  Please call us today at (910) 264-5380, or fill out our quick and easy form and we will be in touch with you ASAP!

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